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 Lo "nuevo" Implementado en Dragonlance

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Cantidad de envíos : 216
Edad : 35
Localización : Cosquin, Cordoba, Argentina
Fecha de inscripción : 02/05/2008

MensajeTema: Lo "nuevo" Implementado en Dragonlance   Vie Nov 21, 2008 10:45 am

Esto es lo que aparece en la pagina principal de L2dragonlance, pero como siempre, no lo han puesto en castellano, solo en ingles...
Traduccion please:

1.- New Herb Drop System.
2.- Minor Clan Hall Doors fix.
3.- Improved Artificial Inteligence System.
4.- Clan war targetting fix: now holding ctrl is necessary unless both clans declare war each other
5.- Pet/Summon Spawn Protection Added
6.- Reputation points for academy matching Gracia
7.- Core support for Adventurer's Scroll of Escape
8.- Many performance tweaks
9.- When summon is betraying master, moving to target orders are rejected as well.
10.- Physical attack speed, magical attack speed and evasion capped to match retail.
11.- Pets and servitor will start attacking target after casting an offensive skill on it.
12.- Improving rules against raid group buffing from high lvl chars.
13.- According to retail: "The player wielding Zariche cannot give or accept buffs and may not be healed or heal other players. However, he or she may use buffs and heal themselves.", cursed weapon wielder cannot receive clan hall magic support either.
14.- PVP damage bonus now affect to blow damage too.
15.- Backstab doesn't ignore transfer pain anymore.
16.- Blows can now cancel magic casts.
17.- Added a Dead lock detector, if the server crashed by a deadlock it will now restart by itself.
18.- Castle Sieges are on the weekend before the seal validation period end.
19.- Castle Lords can set next siege time for 24h after the siege and only once.
Summon Friend Reworked.
20.- Larger world.
21.- Command /block fully operative and retail-like: Blocks party invite, blocks trade invite, blocks messages in all channels except for hero voice, blocker can keep doing all previous actions on blocked.
22.- Herbs for Pets added.
23.- Sub Class changes are now "flood protected".
24.- Wyverns cannot land at Olympiad stadium anymore.
25.- Many Black mammon fixes.
26.- Physical skills can be dodged now.
27.- Those items whose skill effect is an active buff (for instance) do not have to be cancelled when item is unequipped.
28.- Death Penalty doesn't have to appear or be increased when: player is phoenix blessed or player is participating the TvTEvent.
29.- Validate position packets for swimming.
30.- In case of a server crash, pets don't lose their items but they have them when they're summoned next time.
31.- Elemental enchant fixes: Since CT2, Armors receive an element bonus of 6 instead of 3 with every enchant, on warehouse deposit/withdraw, both the elemental enchant and the mana of a shadow weapon were displayed wrong.
32.- Cubic crit damage fix.
33.- Crossbow base range from 200 to 400.
34.- Basic Gracia Part2 Support.
35.- Core support for talismans.
36.- Fix for the skills use getting stuck.
37.- Lethal success rate changed.
38.- More Retail like Enchant Progress.
40.- A whole lot of new skills.
41.- Added a file that shows some basic server information on char creation.
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Cantidad de envíos : 216
Edad : 35
Localización : Cosquin, Cordoba, Argentina
Fecha de inscripción : 02/05/2008

MensajeTema: Re: Lo "nuevo" Implementado en Dragonlance   Lun Dic 01, 2008 8:39 am

Sigo esperando que alguno que sepa ingles se tome la molestia de traducir esto al castellano, para poder entenderlo... desde ya muchas gracias...
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Lo "nuevo" Implementado en Dragonlance
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